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Swami Chaitanya Keerti met osho and got initiated by him as a sanyassin into Neo sannyas in 1971.
As per the guidance of Osho he traveled all around India as an active member of the then famous Kirtan mandali.
Swami Chaitanya Keerti also acted as a spokesperson for Osho Commune International and also the founding editor of Osho Times International published under various names from Pune since 1975.

Presently he is chief editor of Osho World magazine published from New Delhi and also the spokesperson of Osho World Foundation Delhi.

He has penned three books Osho: Allah to Zen, The Osho Way: In Romance with Life, and Osho Fragrance.He has been an editor of Osho books as well.

Besides this Swami Keerti regularly contributes articles on meditation and other contemporary subjects to several newspapers, magazines and electronic media. He travels extensively to facilitate meditation camps in different parts of the India as well all over the globe.

literally Chaitanya means consciousness and Keerti means glory. Keerti also has something to do with Kirtan which is essentially singing and dancing.

My name means singing and dancing the glory of consciousness–in simple terms, meditate and celebrate!

– Swami Chaitanya Keerti

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Farima Berenji...

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Farima is the first and only Iranian woman to have been chosen as Dance Ambassador of Iran by UN. She has been honored with numerous awards in performing arts communities for excellence, cultural diplomacy and preservation. She is the recipient of the prestigious UN/UNA award for her dance ethnology research and globally advocating ancient Iranian and Central Asian dance education.

Farima and her company have performed for the UN, Governor of Alaska, Governor of CA, Governor of Spain, Ambassador of Canada, Ambassador of Turkey, and at the EU. Farima is the first Iranian-American woman to perform and be recognized by the National Folk Dance Organization of America, and her Simorgh Dance Collective was the first Iranian dance company, directed by an Iranian woman to perform during a reception for President Obama. She has been recognized by Congressman Mike Honda, the Iranian Women’s Rights Committee, and National Geographic. Her research and unique approach to sacred dance and ancient healing rituals are now being used in various institutions, dance schools, and healing centers worldwide.

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