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Award winning Dance Ethnologist and internationally acclaimed dance artist, choreographer, instructor, and an archaeologist specializing in ancient, sacred, classical, and folkloric dances of Persia, Ionia, and the Silk Road. Recognized as one of a few world scholarly experts of ancient and mystical Iranian dance ethnology, and an award winning teacher of Sacred Dance and Feminine Power through UNESCO, she travels worldwide to record, research, lecture, perform, educate, and to inspire dynamic creativity and rejuvenation through dance and movement. As a Magi (Iranian Shaman), Sufi (bloodline of St. Fatemeh) and Semazen, Farima is an exceptionally inspiring instructor strongly connected to spirituality and healing. She seeks to lead people to the historic beauty and richness of Persia and the Silk Road culture and to aid them find inner bliss through dance, music, and spirituality.
Farima teaches her own original findings, methods, techniques, and exercises to uncover the connection between the soul and dance movement.

Dance Ethnologist, International Performing Artist, Choreographer, Sufi Dance Master.
Founder and Artistic Director of Worldwide Simorgh School of Sacred Dance and Dance Collective

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Farima Berenji...

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Farima is the first and only Iranian woman to have been chosen as Dance Ambassador of Iran by UN. She has been honored with numerous awards in performing arts communities for excellence, cultural diplomacy and preservation. She is the recipient of the prestigious UN/UNA award for her dance ethnology research and globally advocating ancient Iranian and Central Asian dance education.

Farima and her company have performed for the UN, Governor of Alaska, Governor of CA, Governor of Spain, Ambassador of Canada, Ambassador of Turkey, and at the EU. Farima is the first Iranian-American woman to perform and be recognized by the National Folk Dance Organization of America, and her Simorgh Dance Collective was the first Iranian dance company, directed by an Iranian woman to perform during a reception for President Obama. She has been recognized by Congressman Mike Honda, the Iranian Women’s Rights Committee, and National Geographic. Her research and unique approach to sacred dance and ancient healing rituals are now being used in various institutions, dance schools, and healing centers worldwide.

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